Paradise and Painkillers

By- Renee Sawyer 9/16/2023

Have you ever had a refreshing “Painkiller” cocktail, at the world-famous Soggy Dollar Bar?

If you have, then I bet you want to go back to the British Virgin Islands to experience the salt, sea, adventures, and Painkillers all over again.

If you haven’t, then there is a 1st time for everything.  We can find you the perfect boat, a fun itinerary, the perfect blue chair to relax by the crystal blue waters and the mouth-watering tropical cocktail…The Painkiller.

When I was crew on a catamaran, what I wanted more than anything was for everyone to get the opportunity to experience what I experienced daily.  It was such a range of feelings from peaceful tranquility to party like a rock star, to exploring the waters and marine life of the deep and fun memories for families with children on all the water toys.  I try to impress upon people that we can find you a boat that is affordable that fits almost any budget. With a little bit of saving on their part, for that vacation of a lifetime, it can be possible. In some instances, if you start planning at least a year before, you will have that full year to make payments. You can also bring along friends and family that will contribute to help make the cost a little more achievable.

Don’t give up on your dreams. 

Paradise and Painkillers are there for the taking and Out of the Blue Yacht Charters can help you to make it a reality.

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