Activities on Charter

A Charter yacht can be a floating resort. You can find a wide range of activities and entertainment options depending on the size and type of yacht you charter, and if you’re looking for a change of scenery, almost every day you have the chance to go ashore on a different island.

Onboard Activities

There are usually many activities and things to do while onboard. You may be having a cocktail party or dancing the night away or a cooking lesson from the yacht’s chef. Let’s face it sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Some yachts always have a good selection of board games, books or movies. Let’s not forget you are on vacation, and you may just want to relax. There are so many options, just ask us or your Yacht Captain.

Water Activities

On your yacht charter you will have a pick of water toys and activities. Some Yachts are equipped with fast tenders which are great for water skiing or wake boarding. For a more relaxed slower option yachts provide kayaks, paddle boards and floats for those who prefer to just relax in the water. Some of your other interest could be kite boarding, jet skis and yacht slides. If you’re interested in viewing marine life up close, then snorkeling and scuba diving should be part of your plan. Parasailing can also be arranged by your crew if available in your charter destination. Your crew will be able to guide you to the best areas for in-water activities. Depending on the yacht you charter they may provide a selection of different water activities. Ask us about these options when you book your yacht charter vacation.

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Land Activities

Yacht charter vacations take people to places in this world that are only accessible by water. Therefore, charter guests are offered shoreside experiences that can only be described as incredible. You may be the first person in years to visit an uninhabited island and you will be able to visit world-class beaches only accessible by your yacht. You will experience must-see destinations during port visits. Imagine enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail at a bar overlooking the sea or your yacht at anchor. Your crew can offer activity suggestions for your ports of call. Depending on the destination some activities ashore could include: ATV tours, hiking, cliff-diving, historical or island tours, wine tastings, dancing, sampling local cuisine and beach picnics.

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