View from Shirley Heights

The land of 365 Beaches. Antigua moves to the music of steel drums and a cool island vibe. You can visit a different beach each day and not repeat yourself for a full year. An experience at English Harbor won’t disappoint. This is one of Antigua’s graceful an evocative historic district which is focused on fifteen square miles of Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. A must, visit Shirley Heights which extends out over the harbor and high above the Atlantic Ocean with views far across the Caribbean to Montserrat and Guadeloupe. On Sundays the vista is enhanced by a barbeque with live Steel Band music. To the North is the peaceful island of Barbuda. The pace is slow and it’s a place where you can relax, slow down, meet local people and make your own entertainment. When you see the natural beauty of 17-mile beach from your yacht for the 1st time it will take your breath away, knowing that you are looking at a wonderful landscape in its natural state and without and virtually no nearby population which is perfect for swimming, beach combing, snorkeling or just spending some romantic time with someone you love. Ask us about charters for this great location If your Itinerary has you on a St Martin or St Barth Yacht Charter and you want to experience Antigua and Barbuda you will need to adjust your Yacht Vacations into a Blue Ocean Yacht Charter, sailing time could be up to 15 hours unless you are on a motor yacht you could plan for about 5-8 hours travel time.

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