LADY H Underway

Passenger Capacity Rules for Charter Yachts

  1. Operate as an Uninspected Passenger Vessel, less than 100 GRT, can carry up to 6 passengers, greater than 100 GRT may carry up to 12 passengers.
  2. Only boats that can provide a COI (USCG Certificate of Inspection) and a copy of the vessel’s insurance will be able to carry more than 12 passengers.
  3. The charter yacht will be configured for sleeping guests. Usually no more than 12 Guests with some exceptions overseas.
  4. Charters in the US, Bahamas, Caribbean & BVI are geared to motor yachts and catamarans that are designed and advertised with specific sleeping capacities, with some exceptions. (Usually no more than 12.)

Common Yachts:

Monohulls: 4, 6 & 8 passenger capacities are available in the Caribbean and The Bahamas.

SERENA Sailing
YACHT SERENA – Virgin Islands- 6 Guests

Catamarans: dominate the sailing industry in the Caribbean. 4,6,8,10 passenger capacities are widely available in the Caribbean and The Bahamas. 12 passengers configurations are more difficult to find as there are fewer in the charter industry inventory.

GYRFALCON- Virgin Islands-10 Guests
PLAYTIME – The Bahamas- 6 Guests

Motor Yachts: 6,8,10 & 12 passenger capacities on motor yachts are widely available in the Caribbean and The Bahamas.

ENTREPRENEUR- The Bahamas & East Coast USA-10 Guests
LADY H Underway
LADY H – The Bahamas & Mediterranean- 12 Guests

Some boats have a COI, or Certificate of Inspection, from the Coast Guard that allows them to have more than 12 passengers. Obtaining a COI is a lengthy and expensive process, often taking years and thousands of dollars. It is difficult for common recreational charter vessels to obtain a COI.

Charter vessels overseas are governed by international maritime law which may allow for charters of more than 12 guests sleeping if the yacht is built to specification allowing more than 12 Guests sleeping.

Some may ask why can’t I find a Charter Yacht that accepts more then 12 passengers?

The international maritime law regulates this; it generally means any yacht, no matter charter or else, carrying more than 12 passengers, will be considered a “passenger transportation ship” and must comply with the SOLAS convention (Safety of Life at Sea) law by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Of course this is all about the passenger safety.SOLAS list of required safety restrictions are very expensive to implement and this would reflect in rapidly increase the charter yachts rate! That is the difference between charter yachts licensed for up to 12 passengers and passenger transportation ships being licensed for over the usual maximum of 12 passengers.There are however large charter yachts that comply the SOLAS convention and can recommend a good selection of charter yachts that would be perfect for your large group in any of the locations listed below.

OHANA Underway
OHANA – Croatia- 30 Guests
SOMETHING COOL- Greece- 16 Guests
DREAM- Super Yacht- Greece – 36 Guests

It is common to find vessels in the Mediterranean that carry more than 12 Guests.

Common Locations for High-Capacity (12 to 49) Passengers Charters are:

Croatia (Several yachts available)

Greece (Several yachts available)

Turkey (Several yachts available)

Indian Ocean/ Maldives (Several yachts available)

Galapagos (Few yachts available)

GRAND MAJESTIC-Galapagos- 16 Guests

South East Asia Thailand or Palau

ARK NOBLE- Maldives- 20 Guests